Gov't reveals plans to increase MMPRC budget to USD15 mln

Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal has announced that efforts are underway to raise the budget of the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) to USD 15 million for 2025. This announcement was made during the ceremony marking the commencement of operations by China's Chongqing Airlines to the Maldives.

Minister Faisal emphasised the government's dedication to enhancing the tourism industry and highlighted the critical role MMPRC plays in this expansion. He expressed his vision of increasing MMPRC's budget to USD 15 million, noting that the investment in tourism would significantly boost economic growth in the long term.

For this year, MMPRC's approved budget was USD 9.99 million. The proposed increase for next year would raise the budget by USD 4 million.

Providing further insights, MMPRC Managing Director Ibrahim Shiuree discussed ongoing efforts to promote the Maldives on a global scale. He emphasized the importance of seeking opportunities for international advertising and mentioned that discussions with all relevant industry authorities would be conducted. Shiuree also highlighted the need to observe and learn from the strategies used by other competitive nations in promoting their tourism industries.

The Ministry of Tourism has revealed plans to advertise each individual island of the nation separately, ensuring that the unique features of every island are showcased. The ministry has also assured support for all efforts aimed at expanding the tourism industry across the entire nation.