Thinadhoo Airport project will revolutionise the atoll's economy

Mayor of Thinadhoo City Saud Ali has noted the establishment of an international airport in the city will directly connect tourists to the atoll, enhancing its appeal as a travel destination.

Speaking on a programme aired on PSM News, Mayor Saud highlighted the challenges tourists face due to high fare prices when traveling from Velana International Airport to the atoll. The new airport aims to address this issue, thereby promoting tourism in the region.

Mayor Saud further stated that with the airport's development, additional land in the city will be designated for tourism-related projects. The city council has secured funding to build a city hotel, which will further support the influx of tourists, he added.

The development of the Thinadhoo International Airport is expected to significantly boost the atoll's economy. Mayor Saud pointed out that the airport will facilitate local tourism growth and generate substantial revenue.

The project, awarded to Pan Pacific Thailand Company on February 20, 2024, includes the construction of a runway capable of accommodating the largest aircraft. The airport will feature a cargo terminal, a fuel farm, a seaplane terminal, an air ambulance, a decompression chamber, and a flying school.

The current administration has a dedicated vision for the growth of Thinadhoo City and the Huvadhoo Atoll. President Dr. Mohamed Muiz has announced plans to develop at least 10,000 tourist beds in the atoll, aligning with the overall strategy to enhance the region's tourism infrastructure.