Minister stresses individual responsibility, combating tobacco consumption

Minister of Health Dr. Abdulla Khaleel has emphasised the critical importance of abstaining from tobacco consumption. These remarks were delivered during his address at the ceremony commemorating World No Tobacco Day.

Speaking at the ceremony, he highlighted alarming statistics, revealing that Maldivians collectively spend USD 116.89 million annually on cigarettes, a figure indicative of severe health and financial consequences. Additionally, he stressed personal responsibility in maintaining health and urged individuals to reject tobacco use, paving the way for a healthier community.

The minister further aligned his message with President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's vision, announcing plans to establish community health centers, known as Dhamanaveshi, across various atolls during the current five-year presidential term. These centers aim to implement preventive health measures, focusing on overall well-being. He also noted the present administration's commitment to enhancing urban primary health care facilities across all cities, reinforcing their dedication to public health.

Concluding his speech, Minister Khaleel called for active participation from councils, associations, and the public in efforts to combat tobacco use. He strongly reiterated the collective role everyone plays in creating a tobacco-free environment, advocating for widespread support in the initiatives to prevent tobacco consumption.