Male' atoll council awarded 2 Thulusdhoo plots for income generation

Male' Atoll, also known as Kaafu Atoll, includes the capital city of Male' and is known for its local tourism and resorts. Despite the substantial tourism revenue generated from guesthouses and resorts in Male' Atoll, island councils of the 10 inhabited islands, excluding Male' and Hulhumale', face significant challenges in generating income. These islands lack uninhabited land that could be commercially utilised, hindering their ability to secure funds for development. In an exclusive interview with PSM News, President of Male' Atoll Council Ahmed Anees highlighted the major challenge of generating revenue due to the lack of available land for commercial purposes. Efforts are currently underway to identify land plots within the islands of Male' Atoll. It was further mentioned that the island council has approved two land plots from Thulusdhoo in Kaafu Atoll to be allocated to the Atoll Council. Moreover, Anees suggested that the most straightforward way to generate income from these land plots would be to establish a business through the Atoll Council. He confirmed that steps are being taken to set up a Local Authority Company (LCA) to facilitate this. The regulation for establishing local authority companies and conducting business with private individuals was formulated in 2021 under the Decentralisation Act, aimed at regulating, overseeing, and developing the local governance system as envisioned in the Constitution. Anees noted that leasing the land and conducting business through the LCA would make it easier to generate income. He emphasised that revenue from the sale or business of land would aid the Atoll Council in developing the island, with a goal to enhance Male's infrastructure significantly.