Voting closed as preparations are underway to count votes

Election Commission of the Maldives (ECM) has revealed that preparations are underway to commence the counting of votes, following the closing of polling ques and ballot boxes. The voting hours for the parliamentary election were scheduled for today, between 0830hrs to 1730hrs. The counting of votes will begin 30 minutes after the ballot boxes are closed.

A total of 602 ballot boxes have been set up in the Maldives and three other countries for the parliamentary election. Polling stations are also open in 34 resorts, prisons, and other industrial islands. The placement of the ballot boxes are as follows: 181 boxes in Male' City, 9 boxes in Vilimale', 51 in Hulhumale', 319 boxes in various islands, 34 ballot boxes in resorts, 5 boxes allocated for jails and 3 ballot boxes placed for Maldivians currently residing abroad to vote.

The countries in which ballot boxes are placed for voting are Trivandrum in India (0830hrs to 1800hrs), Colombo in Sri Lanka (0830hrs to 1800hrs) and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia (1100hrs to 2030hrs).

ECM has made several arrangements to ensure maximum convenience to all during the election process. As such, each ballot box is open for 500 individuals.