Gov't to establish college and agency to propel fisheries sector growth

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has announced his vision for the transformation of the fisheries sector, marked by the establishment of a dedicated agency and the introduction of a specialised college for the training of fishermen. The announcement was made during the 43rd Fishermen's Day celebrations.

President Dr. Muizzu underscored the pressing need for modernising fisheries and enhancing the standing of fishermen, expressing a commitment to infuse the sector with the experiences, skills, and technological advancements of developed nations. To achieve this, he revealed plans for the establishment of a special college geared towards integrating these elements into Maldives' fisheries practices. In his remarks, he stated that a Fisheries College would be established in collaboration with the Maldives National University (MNU).

The President highlighted a series of upcoming projects aimed at the overall development of the fishing industry, including initiatives to explore foreign markets for locally sourced fisheries products. Reaffirming the government's dedication to securing fair prices for local fish, he highlighted the limitations of exporting frozen fish and proposed an alternative strategy which is exporting fish under the Maldives brand to showcase traditional fishing methods and command higher prices.

Furthermore, speaking on efforts aimed at the progress of the fisheries sector, President Dr. Muizzu announced a special training programme to ensure that every fishing vessel has at least one crew member certified as a "rescue diver."

In the pursuit of these goals, the President affirmed the establishment of a dedicated agency to promote and develop the fisheries sector, ensuring a robust and sustainable future. Confident in the success of these endeavors, the government is poised to provide expanded opportunities for companies looking to invest in the sector, ultimately increasing the value of fish produced in the Maldives.