President to meet with leaders at COP28 and find solutions for Maldives

Special Envoy for Climate Change Ali Shareef has stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will meet with state leaders at the COP28 summit to discuss solutions to environmental challenges faced by the Maldives.

Speaking to the media, Special Envoy Shareef said President Muizzu is scheduled to meet many leaders during the COP28 summit and will use the opportunity to find solutions for the Maldives. He said the meetings will focus on the environmental issues in the country and ways to raise funds to address the challenges caused by climate change.

President Muizzu is attending the COP28 summit in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with a high-level delegation led by Minister of Climate Change, Environment, and Energy Thoriq Ibrahim. COP28 brings together leaders of governmental bodies, corporations, non-governmental organizations, and civil society to discuss and negotiate actions, policies, and agreements related to climate change and other environmental issues. The main goal is to facilitate global cooperation and action to address the challenges posed by climate change.

COP28 presents a pivotal opportunity to recalibrate strategies and expedite measures in addressing the pressing global climate crisis. The gathering serves as a crucial forum where the international community will assess the advancements made in adhering to the Paris Agreement—a groundbreaking climate accord established in 2015—and devise a comprehensive plan of action to significantly curb emissions while safeguarding human lives and sustainable livelihoods.