Male' City Council congratulates President-elect

Male' City Council has congratulated Dr. Mohamed Muizzu for winning the presidential election.

In a press statement, Male' City Council also congratulated Dr. Muizzu for his contributions as Mayor, noting that the management of the council was strengthened in the past few years under his leadership, which led to the introduction of modern efficient public services. It added that Dr. Muizzu managed the implementation of the Decentralisation Act, increased the council's revenue, and worked closely with the public.

Additionally, Male' City Council highlighted that Dr. Muizzu increased the competence of employees and appreciated their hard work. The council wished him success in taking on a greater responsibility than he did as Mayor.

Dr. Muizzu defeated President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih by a wide margin in the presidential election, securing 126,586 votes in the second round, which is 54% of the total ballots cast. In contrast, President Solih garnered 107,611 votes, securing 46% of the vote, resulting in a margin of over 19,000 votes in favour of Dr. Muizzu.

The preliminary results show that Dr. Muizzu, won the majority in all but two atolls while President Solih secured the majority vote in Alifu Alifu Atoll and Addu City. In addition, Dr. Muizzu secured the majority vote in the Greater Male' Region.