ACC urges to limit new projects amid government transition

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has urged the government to refrain from allocating funds for new projects unless deemed essential, given the imminent transition to a new government.

In a press release, ACC is concerned that certain entities may engage in corrupt acts as the transition to a new government draws near. As such, ACC said it is directing government offices, state agencies, institutions, as well as government-owned companies to refrain from actions that could potentially facilitate corruption.

The guidelines include avoiding the initiation of entirely new projects, steering clear of methods that may lead to corrupt expenditure, restricting spending to essential needs, and refraining from entering into agreements for new projects that have not been previously budgeted or planned. In addition, ACC urged individuals in positions of responsibility within these entities not to make decisions that could potentially foster corruption and to preserve all documents related to financial transactions and business activities.

ACC urged the public to report any suspicious activities to the commission in an effort to bolster transparency and accountability. ACC is actively monitoring such matters, identifying issues that warrant investigation, and taking appropriate actions to prevent corrupt acts. The commission also assures the public that necessary measures will be implemented to curb any such acts.