The Commonwealth commends transparent voting in Maldives

The Commonwealth Observer Group has commended the Maldives for the peaceful and transparent handling of the presidential election. A delegation of seven members from the group visited the Maldives to observe both the initial round on September 9 and the subsequent round on September 30.

During a press conference, former Seychelles President and Chair of the Commonwealth Observer Group Danny Faure expressed that improvements had been made by the Election Commission of Maldives (ECM) in response to issues identified in the first round of the election. He highlighted positive changes such as the relocation of polling stations to more spacious facilities, an increase in the number of ballot boxes to reduce queues, and efforts to uphold the secrecy of the vote during the second round.

Additionally, Faure noted the significant involvement of youth and women as officials in the polling stations. He said that special arrangements were made to facilitate voting for the elderly, pregnant women, and the disabled, minimising queues. He attributed the success of the presidential election to the cooperation of the Maldivian citizens.

The Commonwealth Observer Group announced its intention to compile a final report, to be submitted to the government and relevant authorities after the conclusion of its observation of the presidential election. Besides the 56-nation Commonwealth delegation, representatives from the European Union (EU) and election officials from other countries were present in the Maldives to observe the electoral process.