MNU awards scholarships to eight students

The Maldives National University (MNU) has awarded scholarships to eight students to study in seven sectors.

MNU awarded scholarships for students to achieve a Bachelor of Teaching Secondary (Mathematics and Physics), Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Design, Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Master of Arts in Social Policy, Advanced Diploma in Nursing, Master of Law, and Master of Business Administration.

MNU scholarships are categorised into Undergraduate and Postgraduate Full Scholarships, in which recipients will receive a monthly allowance, book, and establishment allowance in addition to the tuition fee, and Undergraduate and Postgraduate Tuition Fee Scholarship, which waivers the tuition fee. The MNU also gives out the Shaheed Awards, in remembrance of the martyrs of November 1988, and the Gaumu Binaakuraa Scholarship, which is a special scholarship given in the hope of filling the gap areas of the nation. These scholarships are funded entirely by the national university.

MNU stated that scholarships are given out to students that achieved high marks in their O’level or A’level examinations or in their university courses.