Dhiraagu to distribute USD0.47 per share as dividend

Dhiraagu, the largest telecommunications and digital service provider in the Maldives, has decided to distribute USD0.47 per share as the dividend for 2023.

The final dividend for 2023 was passed during the 34th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Dhiraagu held at CROSSROADS Maldives. A total of 125 shareholders attended the meeting in which 71.3 million shares were represented. The meeting approved a final dividend of USD36.1 million. The company will pay an interim dividend of USD8.1 million at USD0.10 per share and a final dividend of USD27.9 million at USD0.36 per share.

The dividend will be paid to those who are registered as shareholders of the company. Dhiraagu recorded revenue of USD162.1 million in 2022. Last year, the company distributed a dividend of USD0.40 per share. Therefore, the amount approved for distribution to shareholders this year is an increase of USD5.57 million.