Parliament passes bill to allow optional use of polygraphs for MPS

The Parliament of the Maldives has passed the amendment bill to allow the optional use of polygraph tests during the hiring process of the Maldives Police Service (MPS). The amendment bill passed with 43 votes in favour.

The Bill on the Amendment to the Police Service Act was proposed by Parliamentarian Mohamed Aslam on behalf of the government. It states that the MPS can conduct polygraph tests on applicants instead of checking their background during the hiring process.

The Parliamentary Committee on National Security Services had held discussions with officials from the MPS and the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) while reviewing the bill, in order to address public concerns. During the meeting, MPS officials stated that the current law mandates the use of polygraphs during the hiring process, which is costly and inefficient.

Furthermore, the Parliament passed the amendment bill to require applicants for the position of investigate officer to have at least a diploma level qualification.