AgroNat to provide 150 tonnes of watermelon during Ramadan

Agro National Corporation (AgroNat) has stated that it expects to release 150 tonnes of watermelon to the market during the holy month of Ramadan.

AgroNat said that it is preparing very well for Ramadan and that it is also trying to maintain the prices of vegetables and fruits as the demand for them increases during Ramadan. The state-owned company said it has given priority to producing watermelon which is the most in demand during Ramadan.

AgroNat also said it will wholesale watermelon to traders. The company is currently selling watermelons at USD1,16 per kilogram. In addition, cucumbers, melons, bananas, pumpkin, and papaya will also be released to the market for Ramadan.

AgroNat also produced and released fruits and vegetables to the market. It has kept the prices of food items under control during Ramadan. The agricultural company aims to keep the prices of its products stable this year as well. Over 800 farmers are currently working with AgroNat.