MPL to clear goods on a daily basis during Ramadan

The Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has stated it aims to provide clearance of goods to the public on a daily basis during the holy month of Ramadan.

Speaking at a press conference, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Shahid Ali said MPL is under pressure to import a large number of goods every year during Ramadan. As such, he said that Ramadan in 2022 was the month with the highest import of goods since the COVID-19 pandemic. He said imports are expected to increase in Ramadan during this year as well. He highlighted the preparations made by MPL to clear goods without any delays similar to last year. He said the aim this year is to provide clearance of goods on a daily basis.

Additionally, Shahid said a special task force has been formed to clear goods during Ramadan. He said the task force will unload, clear, and return the goods to their owners upon arrival of the goods. He also said the company's employees will spend a lot of time clearing goods during Ramadan. In addition, he said temporary sheds have been set up in Male' Commercial Harbour and Hulhumale' Commercial Harbour to store food items during Ramadan. He also said that similar preparations have been made at other regional commercial harbours.

Furthermore, Shahid stated that the number of employees has been increased to clear goods during the month of Ramadan. Employees will work 24hrs a day in two shifts during Ramadan. Accordingly, goods clearance operations will be conducted from 0915-1630hrs. MPL has also increased the number of vehicles for clearing goods. As such, four more Reach Stackers have been brought in to speed up operations. MPL is working to expedite its services during other months. The time taken for MPL to clear goods has been reduced compared to the previous years.

The prices of goods available in the market are expected to increase during Ramadan. Stall owners said that the most demanded items will be available throughout Ramadan. These include watermelon, chili, lemon, and young coconut. The prices of all these items will be higher at the start of Ramadan, according to stall owners. However, prices will remain stable through the middle of the month.