Over 600 boxes to be placed for presidential election

The Elections Commission of the Maldives (ECM) will place over 600 ballot boxes for the presidential election, which is the largest number of boxes to be placed in any election in the Maldives.

The electoral body has announced that the presidential election will be held on September 9 and a possible second round will be on September 30. ECM is preparing for the election in order to reduce the time taken for voters to wait in queues. As such, the electoral body has limited the number of votes that can be cast in each ballot box to 850, which will greatly reduce the waiting times compared to the 1,200 vote limit for the 472 boxes placed for the election in 2018.

Additionally, ECM will be placing 50 ballot boxes in resorts with 30 registered voters. Boxes will also be placed in countries with over 150 voters for this year’s election. Voters will be given 21 days to re-register their voting location, from July 16 to August 5. Individuals will be able to submit their candidacy from July 23 to August 3.